Taming the On-line Advertising Ball of Confusion

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Make direct mail print advertising the foundation of your marketing. 

Social media marketing for local businesses is often confusing, time consuming and overwhelming.

You have to stay on top of it almost daily or pay someone to do it. Plus, there are millions of social media profiles and web pages out there. Can your customers find your business? Are the other guys getting ahead?

What to do? Here are some issues that many local businesses deal with:


Maybe you should be blogging. Maybe you’ve heard it’s good for business, but you’re not sure what to say. Do you need special software? Can you do it on your website? How much will it cost?

Or vlogging?

Maybe you should be vlogging — video blogging. Do you have the right equipment, lighting, and software?  Are you comefortable talking to a camera?

How’s your Facebook business page? Is it current? Are you posting every day?

What about Twitter? Can local businesses really use Twitter effectively? (Answer: Probably not.)

What about Yelp? Linkedin? Google? Pinterest? Should your business be on those, too?

What about email? Are you regularly building your list? Are people “opting-in”?

What about your website? Is it up to date? Are you getting enough traffic? Are you “converting” visitors?

Talk about a ball of confusion! There’s got to be a better way. And there is.

Make print your foundation

Make PRINT advertising the foundation of your advertising and everything else can more easily fall into place. Print provides a tangible, solid foundation upon which to build your advertising — especially print like Hoodview News because it is delivered to over 12,000  mailboxes in Gresham, Boring, and Sandy.

Newsmonthly Advantages

Newsmonthly advertising gives you 3 unique advantages.

  • First, there is something about being in the paper that gives your business more credibility. That’s important.
  • Second, your newspaper advertising can give people a link portal to your on-line presence.
  • Third, in the paper, you are not competeing against millions of other web pages.

Monthly is just right

Being monthly, Hoodview News makes your ad available for the entire month, not just a day or a week. That’s a full month for your potential customers to pick up Hoodview News and see your ad.

Web-connected print

Not only that, but Hoodview News uses an innovative technique (shhh, it’s secret!) to make it easier for customers to access your on-line web or social media site directly from your print ad. Ask us about it.

So, don’t let the social media “ball of confusion” get you down. Start getting control by putting your advertising in Hoodview News. Email us today at advertising@hoodviewnews.com. ▲